About Syrian Cuisine: do you like it? what we should try?

In my opinion the best way to experience any culture is through its food. Not to mention I find syrian dishes healthy as well.
I love Kibbeh b'Labaniyeh. Are kibbeh balls slowly cooked in a creamy yogurt sauce, with a saute of minced garlic; the garnish: fragrant flecks of dried mint and a sprinkle of spicy paprika. It tastes really good.
But to be honest, I like everything i've tried. Fattoush (vegetables sald with bread) or the traditional meat pizzas called lahm bil ajin.  Even better is the fact there are small bakeries where you can prepare your own meat mixture, and the bakery will make dough and form all the pizzas for you.

I experienced the Arabic cuisine during my 1,5 years stay in Syria.
Most of these excellent dishes were tasted and even cooked together with my close friends, family Woeis, living in Damascus.
Here is a summary of my culinary experience:
Kabsa – chicken and fragrant rice
Mahashi –various vegetables (eggplants, pumpkins) stuffed with rice or boiled rice wrapped in grape leaves or cabbage leaves.  Yogurt can be poured on top.
Mansaf – lamb, chicken or turkey on top of yellow rice, garnished with pine nuts (seeds) and almonds.
Bamia – okra in tomato sauce, with diced meet (mutton or beef).
Tabbouleh – parsley and salad wiyth diced tomatoes, onion and lemon juice.

I like simple things, so I'd suggest trying street food like "fool" (meaning beans), and falafel, and manakeesh (the salty pastry)

those restaurants are popular small restaurants, and the manakeesh one is usually a no-seating place, just grab and go

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