Expat FAQ- Moving to and Living in the DR

Hi - it's nice to be here again after all these years!

If you've been here long enough you might remember me from The Chiri Chronicles blog (2005-2008).

Since then I have moved from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and co-written two books, the Culture Smart Guide to the DR (Kuperard 2010) and Expat FAQ- Moving to and Living in the DR (Summertime Books, 2011), both with my friend Ginnie Bedggood, a fellow British expat who lived in Puerto Plata.

Tragically, Ginnie passed away unexpectedly in July 2010, before the books were published.

As the Expat FAQ book has a lot of fast-changing information, I decided to set up a blog to complement it, where I will post updates on things like the exchange rate, fuel prices and other news. I also plan to start blogging again!


Welcome back. I was wondering about the book.  I think we talked about it at Grahame's at Ginnie's celebration of ife.

Bob K

Thanks Bob, nice to see you here.

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