Teaching salary and cost of living in Punta Cana

I've been offered a teaching position in Cap Cana with a monthly salary of $2000USD. It includes an apartment where I will pay about $60 in monthly fees plus electric and also includes local health/dental insurance and a few other perks including the usual December bonus.  I am quite familiar with Puerto Plata as I've been volunteering there in the summers for several years and have friends there but I am much less familiar with the East Coast which I understand to be far more expensive.
Would anyone who lives in the area be willing to throw out some numbers about cost of living...groceries, occasional meals out...and if you think this is a reasonable income for this area to be able to save some money for the retirement account along the way.
It sounds like it would be best to have a car in this area as well?
Many thanks.

I live in the area and very familiar with costs.  It will depend upon where your apartment will be.  If it's in Cap Cana or Punta Cana Village...  Happy to help out and willing to meet up when you arrive. 

Generally this is a tourist area but I am sure you will have no trouble with your salary depending upon number of people and your life style.



Thank you much for your reply, Mike.  Housing is provided free with the job and the apartment is in Cap Cana.  We would be two people relying on the salary, at least to start.

You will likely be fine on this salary. However you will be somewhat isolated in Cap Cana, you will want to discuss transportation with your employer.

And welcome to the forums.

Thank you for your response as well.  It sounds like buying a car would be necessary before too long as public transportation in that part of the DR is poor and grocery stores etc. are far away.

If you are near the resort's you can often make a deal with their transportation people. Many have shuttles etc.

Or, find a taxi in the area and make a deal!!!

You should be fine financially.  I'd be happy to give you some pointers once you arrive.  Yes, a car is very beneficial if you are going to be in Cap Cana.  It's isolated from everything else...

I have recently been offered a teaching position as well with a salary of approximately 750 US, is this unreasonable?


Welcome to the forum.  At first glance it is unreasonable. Where is it? What other benefits are you offered?

food tickets and it is with a private school

May I ask what school you will be teaching in?

Are you offered housing? If not then forget it, that salary won't do.

I have also been offered a job! Approx 850 US,  280 towards housing, medical and 5000rd worth of food tickets monthly. Good deal or not, considering I will have to pay the rest of the housing, bills and childcare? Plus does anybody know more about these food tickets? The school is in Punta Cana.

Not a good deal.

May I ask what company you will work for? I am a teacher as well.

Housing is going to be expensive there. You will need transportation and nanny and food isnt cheap either.  That is likely a credit or voucher at local grocery store and its about $110us of value.

Not a great deal I dont think.

I don't suppose anyone has any contact with the military there. I am considering offering my services to teach English there - might be more accepted with my background as retired Canadian officer..... of course all thoughts with no specific plans. Planning will come once other issues are determined and addressed....

Interesting idea. They could sure use the language skills.

Thanks everyone, something to really consider as their budget is small and no negotiation...

More than likely the police too.....

I'm considering moving to punta cana from NY. I have a job interview at a school. My main concern is how conservative the schools are here. I teach in NY and I'm open to be me.

Pretty sure its different here.  Lets have others thoughts!

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