Solar panel orientation

Has anyone here had a technical survey done on what direction solar panels can/should be placed on a roof? We have a steeper angle roof than most....we are going to add 6 more panels but are out of space on South facing side...but I imaging at 19° north it's different than 45° north...husband wants to place them on east facing side ... Would love to hear other's opinions/experiences...

I still think we need a new category for 'building'...

Interesting question.  I have a couple.people involved in solar so I will ask.

Remember to consider the mounting angle....
should be 23 degrees or so at this latitude

Have you spoken to Richard at Grec

He's the Go-To guy in Cabrera

Yes. I've asked Richard... he's been helpful...our roof is pretty, for example right now...the south facing panels are getting very little direct light...compared to winter...we are debating solar panels on two sides to capture sun at different times of day/season...but I haven't seen any houses with panels on two sides...summer is the only time of year, I need AC!

Side note: Will, are you friends with Keith and Paula? I think they mention you all the time, but we haven't met...

I two contacts with experience in this. Their answers: it depends!  So depends on house, angles, etc etc.  Not overly helpful to you.

Mount them on the ground - not the house to maximize their efficiency
Is my suggestion

Nope- don't know a Keith or Paula.

I have 22 panels installed on the North side of my roof and a solar hot water heater also installed on the north side of my garage roof.  I achieve high efficiency pretty much all year around except when we have very cloudy periods.  Our electric company gave me my first cheque in January for providing the grid with more energy than I consumed. 

My advise is to NOT install on the ground for the reasons of not being able to control the surroundings.  Trees grow, walls are erected, buildings are erected all of which may block or shadow the sun from your panels.   Also easier to damage the panels on the ground.  Only my opinion.

And as I have said before Planner, in the DR it always

I am like you but my roof was built for the installation....
they are tilted racks up there - invisible

I only say the ground b/c it seems the roof lines aren't hospitable

P.S.  don't worry about the roof angle.  You can always mount your panels on an adjustable or fixed rack to compensate for the angle.  A little more money but cheaper than a new roof or house...

How so Willie?

FYI it's my understanding only private electricity companies will cut a check when you feed the grid.  The EDE's will not.  Any confirmation on this?

Canada Mike
I read the post as saying that they were having to change sides /orientation on the roof
No more room on one slope

I would not start fiddling w/ that... I would build a platform for them in a sunny area

Mine are on racks....
36 gel batteries powered by 15 190W Sanyo panels

after 10/11 yrs... still going strong

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