I am a single female, and would like to leave Canada to move to Dominican Republic. I am wondering if there is some single people that move to Dominican Republic on a very small amount of money, if yes how they managed to get things going smoothly?  I checked on the website, but there was no details on the amount ones need in order to have a permanent residential Visa.  I would really appreciate it if anyone can let me know the particulars, Thanks in advance.

My first month, I needed about 5000 or 6000 USD to get things started. That should be enough. I'm a single female from Canada as well. Not sure if that helps you - or what your idea of a small amount of money is. But you can live monthly for much less than that, once you get started - depending on your lifestyle choices, of course.

You can even live on $1000CAD a month, if you want to live simply.  Everything depends.

Yes it all depends. BUT to be legal you want to file for residencia.  This you start THERE and will cost you somewhere around  500 or 600. Once here you file for residencia and you will need a lawyer. yes you can do it yourself but unless you understand how things work  and speak Spanish, then forget about trying.  My lawyer in SD charges US $1200  for this. 

Apartment rent -  2 months deposit and first months rent. IF you rent furnished its more monthly and less up front.  Recommended for your first year. Count on  300 to  600 US a month for rent. That is a small 1 bedroom in a non heavily touristed area.   Then count on cell phone,  electric, cable and internet if needed. They all want a connection fee etc.  Count on another  200 to 300 for that.

All this depends on where you settle and  what your needs are.

thecolonel is quite right you can lively simply  for 1,000 a month but I make that US dollars not canadian these days!

The 1,000 US dollars included the rent?

Yes in some cases. I live nicely on 750 us a month

Hi fellow Canadian. I'm looking to move there as well hopfulky Feb or March. It is very in expensive as I have been doing my research. You can find rentals for a single person 250 us$ and food and transportation maybe 300/month so I'm sure you could survive on a very low budget. The average income in the DR is 300-800/month. I was thinking of working in a call center or teaching English. Why have you chosen the Dominican?

Hi hope no one minds me butting in. What sites are best to look on for renting an apt in ensanches luperon  Puerto plata. I already have an apt but I'm getting sick of the lack of water in my street when a street up has plenty. My landlord says it's not her fault I shud use so much but if I want to do a laundry every 5 mins that's up to me I'm paying for it. Rant over

Hi. That sounds like a lot to start off.... Can you break down that 5-6000$ so I have an idea of what's in store lol what are you doing for work in the Dr and so far how are you liking it? I'm so torn as to what area I want to live. I've heard bad things about Sousa and Samana? I was thinking close to Punta Cana somewhere.

Ok, where to start on this one. 

1. to live and work here you need residencia.  Count on  US $500 at home before getting here. Count on  US $1200  once here if you have a decent but not expensive lawyer. Both Bob and I can recommend ones for you.

2. Getting set up -  cost of a hotel or room for 1 to 2 weeks or a tourist apt for that time while you find a place to live. (Boots on the ground is how you find the best deals and the most availability, online tends to be expensive, aimed at the higher end and not prolific)  Eating out for the first  weeks until you get set up.

3. Moving and set up cost -   2 month rent deposit or 3. Deposit for  electricity,  internet and cable.  MAYBE  furniture or additional furniture if furnished.  Set up of a kitchen -  it costs for all the basics. Installations -  if needed for air conditioner,  inverter and batteries, ceiling fans.

Understand unfurnished -  means may not even have a lightbulb!

Furnished - might mean local standards. you will pay  much more for North American standards. 

4. Transportation?  Taxis.  Purchasing vehicle?

5. Medical insurance  -  US $35 - $50 a month for decent coverage.

6. Gringa / gringo  tax -  expect to spend more then you expect in the beginning as you get taken for a ride. Its normal and happens to almost everyone the first few months.  You will get better at knowing what it "should" cost.

What am I forgetting???

Cookieboy -  there is group on facebook called Everything Puerto Plata.  check there

Sosua area is great and very affordable and the people are awesome

I live away from the beach / tourist zone and in a small Mountain village. I am a Whitewater Kayaker, and Jarabacoa is where that is happening. I pay $200 a month for a nice 3 bedroom New Cabina with beautiful floors nice bathroom and kitchen. I had a hot water heater installed, 4,800 pesos and a 265 gallon Tinaco with pressure pump, about 11,000 pesos.  I had a Satellite Dish installed with decoder box that works off the internet initial outlay of 13,000 pesos, but over 1000 channels for 4,600 a year. I am 100 meters from the Rio Yaque del Norte with stunning views and Mountain, Spring like weather. It is cooler here in the Summer, but Hot everywhere on the island. 2.5 hours to the beach at Cabarete. 1 hour 15 minutes to Santiago, and about an hour to the Airport of The Cibao. I  spend about $10 a month on Electricity (I went with the standard monthly fee, they asked if I wanted a meter or to just pay the standard Campo fee, I spend 3,000 pesos a month for 5 gb WiFi (well worth it)  and 50 pesos a month for water. Plus I buy bottled to drink. I try to live on $ 2,500 USD a month including fuel for my Land Cruiser Prado Turbo diesel. I live quite well on $2,500 a month.

Thanx planner. Xcx

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Thank you so much for the information, but I find it extremely expensive for my budget.  You said that your living expenses are $2,500.00 USD a month, I am from Canada and our Canadian dollars doesn't worth much.  Basically, for someone who from Canada it would be $5,000.00 a month then,  you mentioned that it cost you $200,00 USD per month for rent if you don't mind me asking why $2,500 USD per month for the cost of living?  Usually, housing it's what cost the most I am very puzzle to how expensive are the other utilities are in Dominican Republic. I definitely won't be able to afford the cost of living of this country.

My rent is 9,000 pesos. A little under $200 per month. That is very cheap ! No one needs $2,500 a month to live here. That is my budget. I travel a lot, eat well, and have lots of Dominican friends and family that I help. I also Kayak Whitewater 3-4 days a week and I spend about $20 to pay the people who take me and my Kayak and gear up river so I can paddle back to my village. I have a very stable US Government pension. I make a good bit more than $2,500 a month, but that is what I convert to Pesos monthly. I rarely spend that much. But, I admit, I live very well here. I own a Toyota Land Cruiser that is 15 years old, and that eats money also. Just adding to the spectrum of lifestyles here. You most assuredly do not need $2,500 a month to live here, but it keeps life very tolerable. I hope I have not given you a false perception of life here. I love this island and it's people.

I know people who live here on less than $1,000 USD a month and they are quite content. I really know only a few expats. I rarely speak english, and almost all my people are Dominicanos. Many I have known for over 30 years. I am also curious to see and hear what others budget for monthly living. I could never afford the Punta Cana lifestyle, nor would I care to ....

Great posts and information.  Thank you

Bob K

I rarely see any posts from people living in Santiago. I would think that with the cooler temperatures that this would be a popular spot for Expat retirees. Does anyone have an opinion on living in this area, cost of living etc.

Santiago is not that cool. You have to step up to Jarabacoa and Constanza for the heat relief. Santiago is cheaper than La Capital, with a wide range of lifestyles to persue. They have Shopping opportunities not found outside Santo Domingo. I shop there monthly, and visit a variety of younger people from my Old Campo in the Mountains above Loma de Cabrera. The mid 30's people I know there, live in congested, loud barrios, and pay around 5,000 to 6,000 for 2 bedroom apartments. I have other friends there that pay up to 15,000 for more modern apartments or homes. It is not somewhere I would live. Old and congested. Really bustling by day with loads of upscale Restaurants and bars. I get in and out ..... You can live any lifestyle you can afford. On the lower scale you would be living amongst a lot of transplanted people from the west escaping rural poverty in Agricultural communities. The reality is currently, that younger people are escaping their Campos as only illegal haitian labor can get (or are willing) the tough 200 peso a day Agricultural jobs. So, Santiago is bustling. I see a lot of what appear to be Expats at Price Smart, so I know they live in the area. I just do not know them. There is one large group of Ex Marine Corps, Vietnam era Vets and their wives that have settled there. I see them and have spoken casually with some of them.  I wish I could be more specific about costs, all of my people there work hard, but wages are low and they pretty much live hand to mouth. One sobrina is a Pharmacist and she makes about 30,000 a month and her husband also works. They have a very comfortable life there.

Thanks for the info. I'll stroke it off my list.  :)

Actually Price Mart has a lot of Expats shopping there who live elsewhere.  Many are from the north coast.  I know we take a trek down every 8 weeks or so for supplies and besides I am addicted to their hotdogs at the stand there :D

Bob K

Yes,  I guess I am one of them too, Bob ! That stand is always soo crowded .... I'll have to wait out one of those Hot Dogs !

Me too guys,  Pricesmart is my go to for a number of things. 

I am one who lives very nicely on less then US 1,000 a month!   But you should not expect to live really cheaply here especially in the beginning. It takes time to get the hang of things, get some fluency in language and learn to live less expensively.

Not sure I'd cross Santiago off the list if you haven't been there.  I've seen and experienced a lot of really nice places to live in that area, and it does offer a wide variety of amenities.  However, it is busy and loud, but Santo Domingo is even busier.
I would say visit before you write it off.

Certainly. I agree completetly. It has soo much to offer. Personally, I am just oriented to the peace and pace of the Campo.

Okay, good advice, it's back on the list.

:) if you decide you're interested in having a look I have friends in that area that may be interested and/or available to show you around. Let me know and I will ask around.

Yes I would be. I will try to be in DR around the 7 December to get my Temp residence card. That would be a good time to take a good tour. :)

Okay I'll check and I'll private message you with what I find out

Great. Thanks a lot.

Hi newcomer: I live on $800 a month including rent food, cable,wifi power.  I live in Higuey. Nice town.  I work tutoring kids in the afternoon three times a week this extra money helps me to pay for my drinks, hair and clothes.  There are many people that wants to learn basic English so this is another option to make this extra money. Residency  at this moment you can do it yourself online. You look for Dominican Republic consulate in your area and look for residency.  The same lawyer toldo me that I have to do it myself online. If you have more questions feel free to ask me.

Im planning on moving to sosua Dominican Republic
What do I need to do to get my residency my husband lives there and I’m ready to move thank you

Welcome to the forums.  Honey you start the residency process in your home country. There is a thread on residency that explains the process and includes recommendations for lawyers.

Any updates on cost of living in various areas? These were 2016.

Taina914 :

Im planning on moving to sosua Dominican Republic
What do I need to do to get my residency my husband lives there and I’m ready to move thank you

You're fortunate to have your husband living there. 

He should be able to investigate what you will need to do for residency and he can give you a very good idea of what your living expenses will be. 

With your combined income it should be enough to live comfortably.

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