Tax Advice Sought

Oi gente. Will here... Simple American from the Hawaiian Islands (USA). Based in rio. Thanks in advance for including me in the site.

04/05/24 @willgurs.  Welcome, Will!


Thanks for the welcome. Any Tax Preparer Advice well appreciated.

English speaking g accountants that do international taxes are hard to come by and they will charge you a healthy consult fee...well just because yer a Gringo and they think they're  something  special.

Bom Dia Gente. New to the board. Recently bought an old apartment in Copacabana. Was able to get a visa off it. Looking for a reputable CPA or Tax Attorney to help with Tax Declaration. PM me or a reply here is well appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Will

(from Hawaiian Islands / USA)

Let me know further informations  by email!

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Hello everyone,

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