USA Resident - Tax Declaration - Bought an Apartment in Rio

Any advice on a good accountant for filing required documents well appreciated....

Hello willgurs,

Given how active members of this forum are, you can expect a response from them shortly. 1f609.svg


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@willgurs, I don't want to pry into personal affairs but if you can tell a little more about your ultimate goals in buying an apt in Rio - will retire there, want to invest only, etc. it will help expats point you in the right direction...

People buy apts in Rio for multiple reasons as the city is really stunning....

Hi Pablo. Thanks for your post and thanks in advance to those on the forum that will chime in and advise. I purchased an apartment here in Rio to live here and to retire. I have several a couple of friends doing similarly soon. This is an apartment in Copacabana.

I need to sort my taxes with my recently acquired Brazillian Visa. Any help here is much appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

I go by Billy or Will...thanks!

    I go by Billy or Will...thanks!        -@willgurs

Hi Will, @gasparzhino777 significantly helped me with recommendations when I stayed in Copa during Carnaval.... Copacabana is also his neck of the woods.  I suggest that you message him directly.  IMHO, he is the most qualified Copacabana expert in the group.