How to get address proof in Brazil

Hello there, address proof is very important in Brazil. I am permanent resident in Brazil. I am living rental apartment with other person. we are sharing with each other. electricity bill and home internet bill is on his name. I have RNE card.  A friend told me. you can get declaration of residence. other person who is living with you. he will declare at Cartório that you are living with him at same address. I do not know this document will work for me or not.
I need address proof in Brazil because foreign bank need this document from me. I think, declaration of residence is acceptable in Brazil but not acceptable in foreign country because they are asking official address proof. like electricity bill or home internet bill should be on own name or bank statement with address and bank letter with address.  but I heard, in Brazil,  bank statement do not come with address and bank do not issue letter.
I will be thankful to you expat community. if you have idea. comment here and explain, how I can get address proof in Brazil.
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Bro just as simple. Take billing sim card which you can use as your proof of residency. There is TIM plan which is 60 reals (more or less).
Hope you got answer

matter is solved already. mobile bills were not acceptable for my case. but now all right. it is solved successfully.

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Proof of address is a bill or anything that comes to your name at an address.

Credit card, telephone bill, rental contract..... you get it, right?


Exactly - transfer a utility to your name, for example, but proofs of address like this cannot be older than 90 days.

We have written a few rental contracts as proofs of address, and that is very easy to get organised...