Gestor for resistance

Morning I'm looking for someone/gestor in or around alhaurin el grande area to sort my residence out for me I've been here now for just under the 90 days I'm in the eu Irish passport holder I have an address here too can anyone help please



As a EU resident, You need to go to the local police in order to get a "NIE" :

(ID for foreigners), and declare your residency.

You might also need to go first to the local "ayuntamiento" with a proof of address to prove that you live there.

The police will tell you what else you need to do.

Good luck & welcome to sunny Andalucía! 😎

@Patrick AGP Thankyou for your reply


For EU citizens it's pretty easy; I'm not sure you really need a gestor. But a translator when visiting immigration is always nice (if your Spanish ain't too hot).

You need to do the "EU citizen registration" process, which you can do at the appropriate local office, after booking an appointment online ("cita previa de extranjeria"). You'll get a little paper certificate, which shows you're a legal resident in Spain. It's not a biometric ID card, and has no photo. They'll give you a NIE (included on the certificate), if you don't have one already.

The website is here. And you need to choose "CERTIFICADO DE REGISTRO DE CIUDADANO DE LA U.E." among the options for "TRÁMITES CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICÍA".

The requirements for this process are listed here:

For this step, you need to give an address, but I don't think you need a padron certificate.

There's an application form and payment (can be done at a local bank).

You'll need some additional documents depending on your status: employed, self-employed, student, hanging out on the beach. So check the requirements carefully, especially in relation to financial means and health insurance.

They are pretty strict, so they won't see you unless you have a cita previa (print your booking to show them, and make sure you've paid and have your payment receipt). And, in my experience, they're not super helpful: bring everything specified in the requirements and you get your certificate, forget something or bring the wrong thing and they refuse you, and you have to try again (with another appointment/payment). Also make sure you book at an office local to your address, if you go to a different province I think that's another reason to refuse you. :-)