Palamartsa nr Popovo

Im thinking of buying a Property here can anyone give me some information on this Area?   

Hello janecaruthers,

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hope that someone can enlighten you.

In the meantime, could you tell us why you chose Palamartsa?

How long have you lived in Bulgaria?

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Cheryl team

@janecaruthers Hi, my wife and I actually live in about 30km from Palamartsa, and are very familiar with both Palamartsa and Popovo.

At the beginning of our permanent move to Bulgaria we stayed in Palamartsa for two months whilst making our own property ready for move in. The community has a huge group of English and Scottish people, also a few German families.

The only thing we would complain about is the ‘water supply'… we stayed there during Summer, (actually the hottest months of the year), we were only able to shower once a week due to unwarned water cut; there was not a drop of water in three to four days a week, we bought water from supermarkets for cooking and washing dishes. Even when there was water, the pressure was very low in general…

We then found out that it is because of the old pipes in that village. It is a regular occurrence (still happening), people in Palamartsa are trying to get it fixed. We hope they can… (10 months in our own house, no water/power cut)… they have two Facebook groups, official and unofficial groups, you can also check them out.

Apart from the water issue, it is a nice village. Very close to Popovo where you can find most of the stuff you need.

Thanks for that information very disappointed to hear about the water it would be a big no no for me I need my showers! Search continues...