How do I renew my US passport once I'm living in Brazil?

My passport expires in 2027. Am I able to renew my US passport from Brazil once I'm living there?

I believe that is done through the US Consulate in Brazil. I'm sure someone else can respond with more details.


Hi John.  I'm trying to figure this out as well. 

Here's a link to the US Consulate Page...  Looks like everything is mailed in now to Rio de Janeiro... since 2022.

Does anyone here have the experience of actually doing this mail-in Process? … -services/



Martin, I did mine in 2015 at the Recife consulate. … -services/


Through the Policia Federal's Bureau closest to your city.

US Consulate does not expedites for Brazilian Passports.  I read this in one of the replies. Sorry, wrong answer.

The link below is for a form you can fill in and send.

The underlying tabs are for required documents. 

More than likely, you will generate a PDF Boleto Payment  Form, pay the boleto at the local banking branch.

I am guessing, once it is paid, they will automatically release the data to expedite your passport. … Passaporte

As with everything with Brazilian Federal Government and web, bet this link will be outdated. Then just Google or Duck passaporte policia federal and see where it takes you.

02/18/23 My passport expires in 2027. Am I able to renew my US passport from Brazil once I'm living there?

Like mberigan, I renewed my US Passport (actually, you get a new one) at the local State Department location; for me, it was the US Consular Agency in Manaus.

As MA22 says, during the pandemic this activity was centralized at the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, to all be done by mail.  That still appears to be the case, but it would be a good idea to confirm with the nearest Consulate or Consular Agency (for people in or near Manaus or Fortaleza), to ask whether passport renewals are being processed locally again.


Was actually reading some rules about this the other night.

It seems that if you have a passport that expires in more than a year I think it said, then you must submit a reason why you want to renew it so far in advance.

And if they like your reason then it should be fine.

I am not 100% sure on any of this stuff.

Just go to the US gov sites to find out more.

I just sent off my US passport to Rio last week for a new one.  It can only be done by mail at this time.  I'm worried because I don't have a passport at all until the new one arrives which the website says will be 4-5 weeks.  My passport does not expire until 2025 but it was almost full.  Some countries will deny entry if you don't have 2-3 blank passport pages.  The Netherlands is one of them.  I had to fly there for a family emergency in January and they told me on entry I would not be able to reenter on this passport.  Not sure if Brazil or the US have ths requirement but you can look it up on Travel.State.Gov. 


I'm on the same actual timeline as you! I just mailed mine in for renewal to Rio de Janeiro as well. I also won't have a passport until this 4-5 week period. Hopefully, you and I will both have good things to report here in the coming weeks. My passport expires in June this year. I tried to renew it in Minnesota when I was back there in September. That process was terrible and I never could get into the Passport office in Minneapolis, even though I was there for 3 weeks! Trying again. now via US Consulate in Rio. 1f64f.svg1f64f.svg

Yes, let's hope for the best and pray no emergencies arise since we can't leave Brazil!


Isso!  1f600.svg1f64f.svg1f64f.svg

In 2021, My passport was full and I handled at the US Consulate in Sao Paulo.  Set appointment to turn in application, new photos and pay fee. Had to show my existing passport but was allowed to keep it while I waited on new one.  Maybe 4 weeks later I got a notiication to come pick up the new one. During that visit, I got the new one.  They then punched holes in my old one. I carry the old one when traveling because it has my Brazilian visa in it, even though I no longer need it as I have my RNM.