Medical insurance

Hi all

New to the site , I have a Slovak partner & I'm looking to retire to Slovakia in a couple of years , so I'm looking to pick the brains of people in the know , firstly healthcare, what sort of cost am I looking at per week/ month? Also and other useful information you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Hello Phil, I am UK passport holder but Slovak resident card holder. My wife is a Slovak citizen.

We live near Presov and are both pensioners. That means we have medical cards at no cost. The health care we receive is first class when needed.


1 Learn the language! You will not function properly without a reasonable command of slovencina!

2 Try to maintain an address in the UK

We live here full time now and are happy to be away from the UK!



Hi Ian

Thanks for the reply, so if you are retired you don't need to pay for medical treatment?



Hi Phil

No. I don`t pay for medical treatment. My wife and I have full medical checks , annually, from our GP. We are given a detailed report. Even prescriptions aren`t charged.

Equally, for dental treatment.

My wife gets heavily discounted fares on buses and trains within Slovakia. Because I am a `resident` and not a `citizen` the discounts don`t apply to me.

I`m very happy living here. My wife has a large, supportive family which is a benefit. Also, I have a functional level of Slovak. I keep learning however!

Best wishes