The cost of Living in the United Arab Emirates in 2023

Hello everyone,

As every year, we invite you to share your experience on the evolution of the cost of living in the region or city where you live in order to answer future requests for information from new members of the site who would like to move there soon in the United Arab Emirates.

In terms of accommodation, how much does it cost to rent/buy a flat or house in in the United Arab Emirates?
How much do you pay on average for public transport (bus, metro, train, tram, taxi)?
What is the average price of your monthly food basket?

How much does health insurance cost? How much does it cost to see a doctor in the United Arab Emirates?

What about school fees for your children?

What is the average monthly cost of electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone?

What is the average cost of your leisure activities?

If there are other expenses that you think are useful, please share them!

Thank you in advance for your future contribution.

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In RAK, a decent apartment 1 BHK would cost around 20K/Year.

Doctor fee is about 50 AED/Visit, health insurance cost about 600 AED.

Cheapest private school fee is about 300/Month for grade 1.

All prices are in RAK.


Hey there,

I'm in Abu Dhabi- Al Ain

A decent apartment 1 bedroom around 3500 per mth.

Doctor fee is about 20-50 AED/Visit. Private 50; public 20AED

Health insurance most times is covered by employer. Not certain of the cost break down.

Taxi 5AED per kilometers and if you book taxi from the app there's a fee of 4AED.

Minimum 12 AED for a short distance. Shared ride is available the cost will be per trip not individual.

Bus within the Emirate 2AED

Traveling via bus to other Emirates 35AED.

Food bill is determined on the individual's diet honestly, average 600-1200. Buying in bulk will cut down this price for you monthly as well.

If you're in receipt of accomodations then the utilities except internet is covered most times. Internet can range from 200-600AED depending on the provider and package selected.

I think clothes and shoes are on the pricey side so I opt to buy on sale or there are shops that sell things cheap with decent quality...

Hope this was helpful😊

Hey Latoya Philpotts,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a well-detailed post. 1f60a.svg

For how long have you been in Abu Dhabi- Al Ain now?

How are you integrating?

Feel free to start a new thread on the Abu Dhabi forum to tell us more about your expat life so far.


Cheryl team