Job search in the USA

Hi, everyone! I'm looking for a job in the USA. I will be grateful for any help.

Hello Michael,

Welcome to!

I invite you to check the current job offers in the Jobs in the USA section. You can apply for jobs that you like and you may even add your CV there.

To help you in your expatriation journey, you can also read the Living in the USA guide for expats. The sections Work in the USA and Visas for the USA will be useful for you.

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@Michael Williams38 hi! Do you have driving experience? If you do, I can recommend job as a truck driver.

@li97urbonas yes, I do. Actually, I used to work as a taxi driver for 5 years.

@Michael Williams38 it's great. I work for LogLink USA logistics and I totally recommend you this company. First of all, the company helps with all paperwork. For example, I got my US driver's license in one day with LogLink help (I moved from Europe). In the second place, the company offers high salary. Your salary depends on how many hours you work. I earn 2000$ weekly but my colleague can earn 4000$ weekly. I think that it's really cool! Also I like the fact that LogLink have new pickup trucks and most advanced trailers.

@li97urbonas Hey! Want to work also as a truck driver in US. Anyway you can help me? Can you recommend me also to your company? Thank you in advance! It would be a great help!

I saw that there was lots of offers on iBench in USA. Maybe, you will find something appropriate for you.