recommendations for towns/neighborhoods/places

@Julien HOLA!  I am planning to visit Oaxaca in April and then move shortly after.  So excited!  I am 68 yo, have a young German Shepherd, and would prefer to live somewhere with a yard and easy access to nature trails.(and relatively quiet)  I would love to hear from members with recommendations for towns/neighborhoods/places that might fit my dreams. I also do not plan to have a car, but I do have an electric bicycle. Muchas gracias y hasta luego!  (my spanish is rudimentary, but I also plan to enroll in a language immersion program immediately after moving)

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Please note that I have created a new thread on the Mexico forum so that members can guide you.

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Are you visiting the state of Oaxaca or the city Oaxaca?  I live in Huatulco near the beach, Santa Cruz. Because this area is hilly there are areas that are not developed. In walking distance from my home there is a ecological park, a wooded area in the middle of the town. There are places where you could rent a house with a yard. Some of the newer areas like sector N or O and parts of sector K have houses with yards. Of course it all depends on what your budget is. An e bike would work fine to get around here. It is hot here for some people too hot.

Thanks for sharing the information.

Thanks for your replies! I am planning to live near, but not in Ciudad de Oaxaca. I prefer cooler climates and mountains over hot, steamy beaches. 

@aliceah Hi Alice, do you mind if I ask you a question about weather? You say it's hot there. I am considering Puerto Escondido as a retirement spot which is close to you. Is the weather and water as warm where you are as in Costa Rica? I am planning a trip to PE next year and I follow the weather in Costa Rica and PE and it looks similar. Sea water temp websites also show a very similar water temp as Costa Rica. Thanks

@MOLSON55 (Disclosure-I lived in Guadalajara for 6 years in the 80s and speak a conversant Spanish) Do be careful.

1- Dogs are not appreciated as they are here in Mexico.

2- Don't be surprised if your electric bile is stolen the first time you leave it locked on the street in the city and go inside some shop/restaurant.

Just say' in, it ain't a love fest between "you" and the poor in Mexico.

I live in San Felipe on Baja and we have pretty much 6 months cool and 6 months hot. But i do believe due to climate change weather is changing little by little. I would be very careful of electric bicycle. But wherever you want to live do your research and rent for a while. Best advice.