Can anyone recommend a removalist to move my things?. I need a 3-4 tonne truck & probably 2 movers to move fragile things about 3 kms.

What is the average cost of something like this?

Thanks in advance.

Also, does anyone how to delete old topic or posts we have put on here?

Hello shirley1421971,

You can check the list of moving companies in Mauritius here > … companies/

You will certainly find something interesting in the Mauritius business directory.

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Cheryl team

Please mention what sort of items you have to move??

From ground floor? first or secon floor?

Have those items already been dismantled and packed and secured boxes?

Where it should be transported and placed on Groundfloor or first/second floors??

Should the items be re-assembled again there?

Then you can get quotes from movers.

I have a contact, but he wants to know about the above information prior to giving a quote.


@Cheryl Already checked net & some of these places. They are expensive.


My stuff fits in 3 tonne truck. They are all packed. I am moving first floor to first floor within Grand Gaube.


@shirley1421971 If you want a professional service i.e. packaging that can be on the high budget. If you research your local area there is a taxi lorry stand. For the distance with 2 and more persons, you may be looking at Rs 2,000 plus per trip.