Life in Abidjan?


I applied for a teaching position with a private international school in Abidjan and I wanted to know how people like living there. 

I know there have been SERIOUS challenges recently, but outside of that what is it like to live there?  Are most expats there to work temporarily?  Is the community strong and engaging?  Is their much to "do" for fun? What kind of reception do expats get from the locals?

I'm basically looking for any and all info or perspective you could share with me about life there to help inform my decision (should I be offered the job).

Thanks a million!

Hi Dylan,

I'm Felix Nzi and my surname is Jovializan which mean the man who make other happy. I'm Ivorian [Moderated]

dylan, fonce abidjan est une super ville, la population acceuillante, les abidjanais et les africains en generals , savent et aiment faire la fete,je sais de quoi je parle j y ai vécu 30 ans alors n hesites pas c est génial

Hi bandama, could you please post in English in this Anglophone forum?;)



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