Traveling to Barcelona or Valencia from Baltimore, USA

I'm planning a trip to Valencia, Spain in March or April 2023. Flying from Baltimore, Maryland state, USA, I'm weighing the pros and cons of going to Barcelona first, then take a train to Valencia, the city of my main interest.

Of course I can fly directly to Valencia, but the air fare is a bit higher.  A train ticket is US $25-35 each way, from what I've seen.

I'm open to suggestions or recommendations.

Thank you.



Fly to Alicante...go to e dreams to find cheapest flight...then go to the site of the airline with the cheapest price

Just relax and enjoy the city of Barcelona and neighboring villages.  Why complicate things on vacation?

We love Barcelona and have taken the train to Valencia and back. It's a pleasant trip, mostly along the shore.

I wouldn't miss the chance to spend at least a couple of days on Barcelona if you have the time. I might be in the minority, but I was disappointed in Valencia. We were considering it as an option to living in Barcelona because the cost of living is significantly lower, but that visit confirmed our decision to live in Barcelona.

Fly to Barcelona. The AVE (fast train) is excellent and inexpensive the earlier you book. Make sure you book the AVE and not the all stop train. If you use the overhead luggage rack for small bags make sure sure you put any item above and forward of the seat back of the seats in front so you can keep an eye on them. Thieves can operate. I had a sports bag with a laptop in nicked from above my head (out of site).  After a long flight before your train journey if you fancied an overnight rest I can recommend IBIS Aeroport Hotel. It's as near to the airport as can be and not expensive. Ibis Budget (blue flag) is alongside and cheaper but the extra few euros for Ibis (red flag) is worth it. I think they have a minibus but the hotel is so close to the terminal a cab will be peanuts.   The earlier you book the hotel the cheaper the rate. The airport station trains go direct to Barcelona Sants station where you take the AVE.

I loved Brcelona and I loved Valencia so I think it worthwhile to see both on your trip if you can

There are airplane tickets from 49 up to 70 dlls. Round trip, you just need to buy it with time, if you wait and try to get them close to your trip is going to be expensive.

There are several dif. Airlines.

plan with time and enjoy your trip.