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Everything you need to know to work abroad
Attracting global talent: How the EU plans to solve ...
The European Union is in need of healthcare professionals. Although this isn't publicized within European institutions, a behind-the-scenes battle is clearly underway among various European countries. These countries are treading carefully, balancing more restrictive immigration policies with chronic labor shortages. What does this mean for medical professionals from around the globe?
Where should you move for a career in AI?
The boom in generative AI continues to transform the global job market. Companies around the world, especially the tech giants known as GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Amazon, and Microsoft), are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence. Even sectors seemingly distant from the digital world, such as accounting and legal firms, are getting involved. What job opportunities can you seize abroad? What studies should you pursue to succeed in AI?
Moving abroad as an employee: What are your options?
Moving abroad as an employee offers many advantages. This means you can keep your job while enjoying an immersion in a foreign country. But what are your options to make this project a reality? Can your employer refuse your request? Let's find out.
Emerging destinations and shifting immigration ...
On one hand, labor shortages continue to hinder economic growth in many countries. On the other hand, immigration policies are increasingly selective, prioritizing the recruitment of skilled and highly skilled foreigners. What impact does this have on moving abroad plans? Is there a decline in immigration rates? Which nationalities are most affected?
How career breaks are winning the job game for ...
Long considered a significant drawback, gaps in a CV are gradually becoming more accepted in the international job market. Championed by young foreign talents and increasingly accepted by employers, career breaks have become a new trend. Young professionals are taking time off to find a better position, whether locally or abroad. How do international job seekers justify their choices, and how do employers react?
Emerging work trends around the world: What expats ...
A new trend among dynamic employees is working while walking, which not only boosts office performance but also enhances overall life productivity. As awareness of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle grows, new work methods are emerging. It's also a matter of well-being, essential for better work performance. Here's everything you need to know if you're planning a professional adventure abroad.
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United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Added on 16/03/2024
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