Identity and Access Management Analyst

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My future goals involve gaining extensive experience in Identity and Access Management across diverse industries.

Ideally, I would like to move abroad to get a truly international experience and get a wider exposure to diverse cultures.

I aspire to work within a dynamic, team-oriented environment where I can leverage my strengths, continuously learn, and specialize.

I am really willing to make a meaningful contribution to the success and growth of the organization I am a part of.


I am working on multiple projects with Hospitality, Travel & Tourism as well as Apparel & Fashion industries.The projects focus is on:- the identification of workable IAM (Identity Access Management) solutions that meet short-, medium-, and long-term functional and technical requirements- the formulation of an AM/SSO strategy.Through a progressive onboarding and integration of customers’ target systems with AM tools like Okta and OneLogin (One Identity AM), I am exploiting standard AM protocols (e.g. OIDC, SAML, etc.) to ensure robust and secure users’ authentication.I deal with the planning over short-, medium- and long-term period of the roadmap that will enable the client to reach the target future state of its information systems.I am also responsible for choosing which advanced AM feature to use, according to business requirements, such as risk-based authentication, dynamic session evaluation, global and application-specific authentication policies.


A Junior job position in the IAM (Identity and Access Management) area

Language(s) spoken

Italian (Mother tongue)

Spanish (Fair)

English (Fluent)

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Full time
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SEK 38000