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My professional experience of more than two years in civil engineering for the construction of the Nachtigal hydroelectric dam in Cameroon carried by EDF, where I held the position of Junior Geologist/Geotechnical Engineer, allowed me to understand the professional world and its multiple challenges. This experience confirmed my attraction to big projects.

I have just completed a professional internship at EDF in France (June to December 2023) as part of my specialization at the École des Ponts et Chaussées ParisTech in SPECIALIZED MASTER'S DEGREE CIVIL ENGINEERING OF MAJOR WORKS FOR ENERGY. During this internship period, I was in charge of the design of the structures according to the RCC-CW standards, Eurocodes. More specifically, I was responsible for verifying the geotechnical stability and analyzing the settlements for the construction of the buildings of the future EPR2 nuclear power plant in Gravelines, those of the cold source by the sea.

I would like to work in Luxembourg because it is a country that I have always dreamed of going to and working. I remain available for an interview to better substantiate my motivations and qualities.

I am fluent in French and English and have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

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1) Technical Knowledge:Mastery of the fundamentals of civil engineering, including structural mechanics, strength of materials, geotechnics, hydraulics, etc.Understanding of building and construction codes such as RCC-CW and Eurocodes. 2) Design Skills:Ability to design and plan construction projects, using modeling and computer-aided design (CAD/CAD) software.Ability to develop detailed drawings and technical specifications. 3) Project Management:Project management skills to plan, organize, and supervise construction projects from start to finish.Ability to meet deadlines, budgets and manage resources effectively. 4) Knowledge of materials and construction:In-depth knowledge of building materials and their properties.Understanding of construction techniques and implementation methods. 5) Communication:Interpersonal skills to work effectively with multidisciplinary teams, clients, contractors, etc.Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 6) Problem Solving:Ability to quickly identify and resolve technical and operational issues on the job site.Creative thinking to find innovative solutions to unexpected circumstances. 7) Sustainability and respect for the environment:Understanding of sustainability principles in design and construction.Sensitivity to environmental issues and ecological standards. 8) Adaptability and continuous learning:Ability to adapt to new technologies, emerging construction methodologies, and changes in the industry.Commitment to continuous learning and professional development. 9) Professional Ethics:Adherence to ethical and professional engineering standards.Integrity in decision-making and project management.


Civil Engineer

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