San Francisco's labour market

Labour Market in San Francisco
Updated 2019-05-24 15:20

Since the early days of San Francisco, the local economy has thrived mainly on trade and shipping. The city is not only a centre of global trade but also a major financial hub. San Francisco's economic activities have supported and attracted a wide range of industries. For example, the Bay Area is home to a lot of technological companies - which is why it is considered as the heart of technological innovation. SF is also home to some 30 international financial institutions, and many scientific research and laboratories, not to mention the world's fourteenth largest airport.

The local workforce

San Francisco has a large and dynamic labour market, and one of the largest numbers of immigrants from around the globe. Moreover, the city provides a range of employment programs including job training, development projects. You are perhaps aware that commercial shipping is one of this State's most significant sources of income.

Even though finding a job in San Francisco is not as hard as it may seem, you might also be tempted to set up a small-scale business. There are opportunities for anyone who has a specific set of skills, so you should definitely try your luck.

Which are the most promising fields?

Business strategy

There are many opportunities here for operational efficiency managers (go-to-market), information security engineers (offensive security/red team, strategic partnerships and business development manager, strategic negotiators (data centre acquisition), MBA interns, etc.


There is a significant demand for quantitative user experience researchers, visual designers, senior interaction designers, UX writers, etc.

Engineering and technology

Software engineers (imaging, front End, machine learning), sales engineers (google cloud), data scientists, customer care consultants, audio and signal processing officers, etc., can easily find a job here.

Finance and shipping

Opportunities exist for economists, competition economists, quantitative revenue analysts, etc.


Technology has been the fastest growing sector in San Francisco for many years and has built the city's reputation. Jobs have been created for over 11.8 million people in the U.S. via this sector, which contributes about 10.2% of the national economy. Typical jobs in the tech industry include software and web developers, network architects, admins & support officers, system and cyber security analysis, computer support specialists, and data administrators. Apple Inc, eBay, Google, and Intel are some of the major tech companies in San Francisco.


Abundant nature and leisure activities have significantly contributed to the growth of the tourism industry in San Francisco. This sector generates an average amount of $714 million in taxes and fees to San Francisco.

Other top industries in San Francisco are business and finance, healthcare, biochemistry, and education.

Good to know:

Downtown San Francisco, Bush Street, Mission Street and Lawton Street are some of the most popular areas for looking for a job in this city.

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Office of the economic and workforce development (OEWD)

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