Looking for a job in the USA

Hi, everyone! I want to move to the USA from Europe, and work there.  I don't have any special skills, but I can drive. Please tell me job options, if you know.


call me on ***


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Hello everyone,

Welcome on board Nicoliszoran17,

Well, you could try the dv lottery


Feel free to read the Living in the USA guide for expats to know about you can move, however without particular skills or competencies, it will be quite hard.

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@nicoliszoran17 hi 👋 You should google “LogLink USA logistics”. They help in finding a job as a truck driver.

@li97urbonas hi! Thanks for the recommendation. Do you work for them?

@nicoliszoran17 Sorry for taking so long to answer.  Yes, I've been working for the company for 1 year. I'm a truck driver in the USA. The work is exhausting. You have to transport cars over long distances day and night. But I make good money doing it - 6 times more than I earned in Europe. On the way, I enjoy the scenery. I'm happy with everything. 

@li97urbonas thank you! I've already contacted “LogLink” and cooperate with them.



sorry to bother you with my question.

Im planning to go and work for loglink.

it possible from you to get some more accurate info about the wages?

you know,its a big decision,to live your life behind in Europe.

if u can,pls

thx a lot


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