Discovering San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco
Updated 2019-05-27 08:13

Even though the United States is home to some of the worlds most fascinating places of interest, not to mention the many opportunities available in practically all spheres of life, little can be said about these areas without making mention of San Francisco. Many will agree that San Francisco leaves a lot of questions in the mind of visitors and people looking to settle there, so here's an insight into this big US city.

Quality of life San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is referred to as the financial and cultural heart and the commercial hub of the northern part of California. It is currently ranked 5th among other States in terms of size, 4th in population density, and 7th in terms of its GDP. Are you still wondering why it is referred to as one of the vibrant hubs for commerciality and livability in the US?

The most desirable qualities of the city of San Francisco are its geographical location and climatic conditions. Surrounded by the hills and bordered by the sea, the city lies within the stretches of the Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Its neighbourhoods are divided into different sections, and this further lays a stronger claim on its desirability by expatriates. These sections are further divided into two quadrants, namely: northeast quadrant and southeast quadrant. The historic centre and the financial districts are both located in the northeast quadrant. This section features important landmarks like Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Telegraph Hill, and its own Chinatown at the north beach. The southeast quadrant is made up of several valleys, districts and some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods.


If you like a cool and moist climate, then you shall fall in love with that of San Francisco in no time. The city owes much of its warm and dry summer and mild winter to the cold breeze coming from the Pacific on the west, and the Bay in the east and north. Thus, the temperature remains fresh and mild all year long.

The structural arrangement of the hills round around the city ensures a calculated, yet, constant variations in the rainfall, and reduces cold considerably. Snowfall is a rare phenomenon in San Francisco as it experiences on average 260 clear days annually.

Social life in San Francisco

A population census conducted in 2010 revealed that the population of San Francisco is made of different ethnicities, ranging from Asians to African Americans, Whites, and Latinos. Hence, social life in San Francisco is one of the most vibrant in the USA. Not surprisingly, tourism and leisure contribute significantly to the local economy. Besides, tourist centres like the Alamo Square Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island, etc., provide a unique social life, perhaps a little more than some of the residential neighbourhoods.

San Francisco is also one of the world's 'most walkable' cities, and its harmonious blend of businesses, restaurants, leisure activities, venues and landmarks, nightlife, and start-ups, etc., contribute to making it a unique place to live in.


The University of California, San Francisco State University, Hastings College of the Law, City College of San Francisco, Jesuit University, Golden Gate University, etc., are some of the most prestigious universities in San Francisco and these offer high-quality education and globally recognised qualifications. The city is also home to over a hundred primary and secondary schools - which makes it an excellent choice both for expat students and families looking to settle there.

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