Driving in Taiwan

Driving in Taiwan
Updated 2018-03-05 10:28

To drive any vehicle in Taiwan, you are required to have a license. This includes renting a car or scooter. All drivers must be over the age of 18 to be able to drive legally. For residents of Taiwan, there are separate licenses for driving cars and motorbikes and scooters. Residents must have a license to be able to purchase a vehicle.

International Driving License

International driving licenses are accepted in Taiwan when renting a vehicle. However, you may be denied the ability to rent a scooter if you do not have a motorcycle endorsement on the license. Some rental agencies may bend the rules for you, but you would be responsible if stopped by the authorities.

In the US, citizens can obtain an international driver's license valid for one year from AAA. The license costs $20 in cash and you must present your valid driver's license and two passport-size photos. There is also an application to fill out, which you can download, or an AAA office can provide.

Technically, an international driving license is only valid for the first 30 days that you live in Taiwan. After that, you must obtain a Taiwanese license to continue driving legally.

Reciprocal Licenses

Taiwan has reciprocal driver's licenses with some US states and a few other countries. Check the updated list of all nations and US states that have reciprocal licenses with Taiwan.

If your state or country is part of the reciprocal license scheme, you must have the following documents along with NT$200 to obtain your Taiwanese driver's license.

  • A valid ARC

  • Your domestic license authenticated by a Taiwan representative office in your home country

  • A Chinese translation of the license if it is not in English. This must be notarized by a Taiwan representative office

  • Two recent passport photos (size 3cm x 2.5cm)

  • Driver's license application form (No.21), which is available at the Motor Vehicles Office or online (Car and Motorcycle)

  • A medical checkup certificate by any public hospital, not older than a year

Obtaining a Local License

Foreign residents with an ARC or APRC are eligible to take a driver's license exam in Taiwan.

The process to apply for the car driver's license involves a physical exam, an eye exam, obtaining a learner's permit, and either training on your own for 90 days or 35 days with a driving school, taking a 'driver knowledge test' (written test) and then the road test.

For a motorbike/scooter license, the process is a physical exam, registration, written test, and road test.

For more information regarding how to obtain a driver's license in Taiwan, visit the Motor Vehicle Office website.

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