looking for authentic canada agency in taiwan

Hello everyone, I'm a Filipina working in Taiwan, anybody here who would like to help me by introducing a legal agency here who helps deploy or process working/immigrant visas to Canada? May you be an angel-sent. Thank you :)

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hello evry0ne im ailyn w0rking here taiwan tainan city i just want to ask the accredited agency here and also the exact tel. Number and address thank you so much


JICC..in Taipei..

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ako nga din ie kng may alam ka sabhn m rin sa akin ah pls

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i already applied in some agency in taiwan for canada application but until now no employer so for filipinos who wanted to try tbeir luck to go to canada choose your agency carefully

Hello everyone I'm Rumer R Espiritu from chyao shiunn electronics industrial ltd.I'm seeking agency for deploying workforce in land of canada. I provide special skills,hardworking,eager to learn and a team player.thank you..may the force be with you...

Hi I am Shelly Ann Sebastian I am looking for license agency here in Taiwan. I want to know where and how to go there and apply..

Thank you

im looking for a autentic canadian agency in taiwan

@lordaine dumlao > this is the topic of this thread.

Hi,I am ex abroad from taiwan i wanted to apply in canada and I'm looking some agencies that it could help me..thank you
so much and God bless...

hi im edu in short and live in taiwan and just wanna look for authentic job in canada,am a factory worker here and wanna see much better work than here..
thank you

im looking for a autentic canadian agency in taiwan

Helo everyone..im searching agency to help me across in canada
Agency that near in my work here at tainan taiwan

hello guys..i'm looking for an authentic canada agency here in taiwan... i'm currently working here at tainan taiwan..all may documents are ready.. all i need is an agency that could help me to process and find an employer.. thanks..Godbless.:-)

there are many agencies working as Emigration Agents to Canada

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Heloo po sinupong my alm ng agency na pedeng ma aplyan pa canada



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Good evening..im marian,working now here in taiwan linkou taoyuan near taipei and chungli..i have a boyfriend in canada,he is a permanent resident..what is the easiest way for me to be with him..except marrying him...our plan..we will get married if im with him..please help me,mny thanks

Helo po san kapo sa taiwan

Here in linkou mam..taoyuan

@Nellie23 > can you please write in English? Thank you

JICC or FUTURE LINK and they all located in Taipei

are futurelinks and Jicc in taipei taiwan still operating? tnx

Hello everyone,
All I can says about the authentic canada agency in Taiwan is JICC, I was there and they told me I'm the lucky one. I got employer month of April then I flew here in Canada by month of August. Yes you need money to get here, but it's really worthwhile.So for the one who's planning to get here in Canada good luck!
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hi gd evng...I'm Philip working as factory here in tainan..i want to apply in Canada anyone can help me pls?

may I ask how much money we need to get der in Canada?

Mam ano po hiring don sa jicc? Thank you


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nag apply ako JICC w8 for contract signing dis coming 1st week of April 2016 i hope legit cla.. any suggestion guys? thnx

Anong position po? Tnx

factory worker po, kau po mam joy nkpag apply kb don jicc?

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allanjr :

factory worker po, kau po mam joy nkpag apply kb don jicc?

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San ba agency nila? Plan ko po na mag apply. Hiring ba sila ngayon?


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Hello everyone,

Can help me or any suggestions, how to go Canada thought my friend Are resident there.I apply work but agency no available work for female applicant Until now.i want to go there before end my contract.hanks!

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