Medical checks for English teachers in Taiwan

Hi guys,
What medical checks are compulsory in order to teach English in Taiwan? I would like to move and teach in Taiwan, I am HIV positive. I read that from 2015 it is forbidden by law to include HIV test in medical test. I would be grateful for any information. Thanks a lot, John.

This article might be of interest to you: … -hiv-48892

If you enter as a tourist for up to 3 months you would be allowed entry but if your planned stay is more than 30 days you would need to have an HIV test upon entry to Taiwan.

However, since you will require a long term visa for teaching English in Taiwan you would need to be tested for HIV and entry would be denied.

I entered Taiwan in 2019 and my medical tests included an HIV antibody/antigen test. I am not a teacher, but if this test has been illegal since 2015, something went wrong. I suspect that the test is still legal and will continue to be.

The link provided above is dated June 30, 2019 and quite detailed so i assume it is correct so probably it is normal to have HIV tests if you plan to stay longer than one month. That means that John, the OP would probably not stand much chance of being able to work in Taiwan. I do not know the regulations for teaching English in China for HIV positive people, but perhaps worth checking.

Much like the medical field, teachers work with large groups of people, and mostly children. They might be even more strictly regulated with regard to HIV. The Taiwanese/Chinese are very protective of their children where foreigners are concerned.

@jonmills973 I'm currently in Taiwan and I'm HIV positive and I did not test for HIV when I was doing my medicals. I brought 12 months stock of my meds with me. I'm okay. All is good.

@Jonjon11 hello Jonjon! Do you work as a teacher? I got accepted in one of the schools in Taiwan but i'm still compiling al the necessary documents. I'm also a PLHIV but under medication. I'm worried that this HIV test will affect my employment visa in Taiwan. How long have you been staying in Taiwan? Please let me know for any advise. Thanks

Came last year November. Medicals don't include HIV test and make sure you tell the doctor or hospital to not include HIV tests on your medicals as they are not required. All will go well.

@Jonjon11 hi sir! I'm also worried of being denied because I'm a hiv positive. Would it be okay to tell the clinic not to include hiv test? Please help, I'm really bothered of being denied. I already complied everything. Very tedious. Please enlighten me. I'm a applying as a teacher under the program Taiwan Foreign English Teacher. Please help me with my problems, it bothers me a lot.

@Jonjon11 I'm applying for a teaching job in Taiwan. I'm afraid of being denied because I'm an HIV positive. Please enlighten me. Please. It bothers me a lot.

Hi, hope you managed to complete all your things by now in Taiwan.

I just saw your message. I guess you know by now that hiv test is not included in medical check up, they CAN'T check it up. The form does not include it.