Childcare and the education system in Taiwan

Childcare and the education system in Taiwan
Updated 2018-03-05 10:53

Spouses and dependent children can be included on a resident permit application, although your national health insurance contribution from payroll will be higher for each dependent member of the family. All residents must be enrolled in the national healthcare system, and it is the your responsibility to pay for their coverage through your payroll taxes.

Family-friendly Taiwan

There are many family-friendly activities around Taiwan, including expat groups and organizations. There are a few foreigner-friendly religious organizations scattered around the cities, with the majority based in Taipei.

Taiwan offers many family-friendly activities throughout the year with festivals and events. Local theaters have regular performances for children, and some of them are in English. On Children's Day, most museums are free to encourage families to bring their children. In addition, every city and district has public parks and playgrounds for children and families to enjoy.

Overall, Taiwan is safe, and it is common to see children riding public transportation without their parents. Whether you want to allow your children to do so is up to you.

International and Religious Schools

There are numerous international and private schools throughout Taiwan for students in kindergarten through high school.

In addition to the international schools that operate on other countries' education standards, there are some religious schools. Wikipedia offers a list of international schools in Taiwan.

Afterschool Activities

Afterschool activities, including cram schools for various subjects, are open to all residents in Taiwan.

Cram schools are popular, especially for Taiwanese students to learn English. However, not all cram schools are the same. If you plan to send your children to one for some additional subject help, try to ask for recommendations and talk with the staff at the school. Most international schools will have sports activities for students. However, there are many more options around for sports. There are some organized sports leagues for kids, but they are usually conducted in Mandarin.

Taiwan has many community that offer swimming pools, gym equipment, and other sports. You don't even need to present an ID to use the facilities, but you will be charged for the time you use. In some areas there are additional parks and recreation spaces with basketball and tennis courts for public use.

Expat Communities

There are numerous https://www.expat.communities to get involved with. Every religious group and country has its own group that organizes activities. Larger organizations, such as the chambers of commerce for each country, will organize activities throughout the year. Some of those activities are family-friendly, like the Canada Day celebration in Taipei.

The government-sponsored organizations, as well as most religious groups, are located in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung. If you plan to partake in regular meetings, you need to schedule everything.

For smaller expat meetings, there's It has many groups throughout Taiwan for all interests. There will be family-oriented groups as well as activity-based ones. Be aware that some groups can be flaky and not actually show up, and some groups are also poorly organized. Longer-term expats will know which groups on the site are better for meeting people.

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