Accommodation in Taiwan

Accommodation in Taiwan
Updated 2018-03-05 08:50

For long-term stays, there are hostels in major cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung that offer month-to-month deals. Most of these options have private rooms and shared bathrooms. They usually cost around NT$10,000-15,000 per month and do not require a deposit.

Airbnb is technically illegal in Taiwan, but there are still plenty of apartments available through the site. For some of the listings, you may be able to negotiate a monthly rate without the need to pay a deposit.

Facebook Groups for Rentals

For those who do not speak or read Mandarin, the best bet for finding a long-term apartment is Facebook. There are various groups with posts about apartments around Taipei and the rest of Taiwan. Some of the posts also advertise for flatmates as well.

In general, an older two-bedroom apartment will cost about NT$20,000 per month in Taipei. A newer one-bedroom or studio will be about the same. Newer apartment buildings will cost a premium. Expect to pay a two-month deposit in cash when you sign the lease. This can be a hassle if you're using a foreign ATM card as there are daily limits on withdrawals.

The easiest way to find an apartment or flatmate is through Facebook. There are multiple groups dedicated to helping foreigners find accommodation, however the groups are sometimes full of spammers and agents. Also, most of the landlords who post in the groups charge more than the market rate. There is a greater possibility to find a short-term apartment on Facebook rather than long-term, as some people are flexible and will sublet.

Where Locals Find Rentals

If you possess Mandarin language skills, you can go to rental websites and browse the listings. However, you should be aware that some landlords will not rent to foreigners and may make up excuses so as to avoid renting out the listing.

The bigger sites to look through are 519, Housefun, or Sinyi. The first one has more listings than the other two, which are affiliated with real estate agencies.

You may encounter some frightening photos in some listings as some landlords do not clean the apartments after tenants move out. There is no law stating that they must clean the apartment. However, some landlords may tell you to clean the apartment before moving out and threaten to not return your deposit if you don't clean it. For the most part, if the apartment is superficially clean, the landlord won't complain.

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