Is it possible to get a job in Taiwan as an electrician

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Let me introduce myself firstly, the names Mardy and I'm from Australia.

I've traveled a bit, its my hobby, and I waste a lot of time on the internet doing research on where I want to travel to next, and where I want to move to, as I want to live overseas in the next couple of years.

Taiwan seems to tick all the boxes, mountains, beaches, modern, friendly.

I'm an electrician and currently work in the mining industry doing maintenance. Is it possible to get a decent paying job in Taiwan as an electrician? Or should I look at working in another field?

I've looked on careerjet for Taiwan, The Taipei Times, and The China Post, but nothing really seems to be jumping out, not speaking Manderin is probably weighing me down as well.

Any advice on where to look for work on the net to see whats out there?

Hello Mardy.

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The Jobs in Taiwan section is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to post an advert there.

Good luck in your research,

G'day mate

it's easier for u to get job as an tutor or teacher at cram school

giving lesson and practice English with students.

it's there are heaps of restrictions and regulations on foreigner's

application unless u can find a sponsor.

And being able to speak Chinese would a plus for your to get a job but

I think it's not that necessary as long as you can manage to pick up

Chinese by making friends or getting help from people who would like to do language exchange with you.

However,most of Taiwanese are pretty shy and sometimes feel "scared"

when a foreigner coming to them asking for help in English then they

just walk away which might get u an idea why try to avoid you. just

a heads up for you.

u can have a look at working holiday scheme in Taiwan on Internet or

ring Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia for more detail

General Enquiries: (02) 6120-2000

Consular Enquiries: (02) 6120-2025

I spent nearly one year in Australia as an working holiday maker so

I'm very happy to see people who want to visit Taiwan.

you can send me message if you wanna know more about Taiwan

good luck with ur plan


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