Receiving Social Security Benefits in Taiwan

I have recently returned to Taiwan to live in semi-retirement.  In planning for the future two questions have come up:   I have not been able to get a straight answer from the Social Security Administration:
1.  Can a US citizen who is eligible for Social Security Benefits receive those benefits directly in Taiwan?
2.  Can the non USA citizen survivor receive survivor benefits in Taiwan? 

Thanks,  gmbruce123

An American expat, 63, with decades of residency in Taipei will collect social security directly here. He also says his ex-wife (Taiwanese), will also collect some benefit due to marriage to an American.

Thanks and what is the source of this information?   I did finally get some official confirmation that an American citizen will get his social security benefit while living in Taiwan. definitive confirmation on his surviving spouse. 
I understand that you can get some confirmation from the US Embassy in the Philippines.

I was told by this 64 year old American who has an ARC in Taiwan. And he believes his ex-wife (Taiwanese) qualifies for partial benefits due to marriage to an American.

You may recover SS benefits anywhere except Russia, Cuba, or Vietnam.

Anyone knows best way to get cash  from Citibank account after Citi  withdraw all its ATM inTaiwan.


Try emailing Gene Brownfield at [email protected].

He is a retired American in Taiwan with an ex Taiwanese wife.


You can get cash advance with a credit card at any ATM. CitiBank only operates corporate banking in Taiwan.