Traveling to Ivory Coast

Traveling to Ivory Coast
Updated 2016-04-26 12:48

Formalities related to traveling to Ivory Coast are strict but simple. Find some useful information in this article.

If you are looking forward to travel to Ivory Coast, you are probably wondering whether you need a visa or not. In general, all travelers require a visa to travel to Ivory Coast. Nationals of some countries, however, are exempted from the visa requirement. They can simply travel there with a valid passport.

Note that Ivorian authorities distinguish between ordinary passports, service passports and diplomatic passports. Therefore, entry conditions are different for holders of these two types of passports. Holders of the ordinary passport are required to apply for a passport to travel to Ivory Coast.


There are two types of biometric visas for Ivory Coast: the official visa and the ordinary visa. The official visa applies to holders of the diplomatic, service or official passport. Holders of ordinary passports, for their part, are entitled to the ordinary visa.

Visas are also subdivided into different categories with varying validity periods. Different fees apply. Find more information on visas in the article Visas for Ivory Coast.


Minors traveling alone or with a single parent must be in possession of an authorization letter issued by either the other parent or both parents. The latter must also be in possession of his own passport. Thus, minors who are included in their parent's passport will not be allowed into the country.

On your arrival

On arriving in Ivory Coast, you are required to produce your passport, which must be valid for six months following your return date as indicated on your return air tickets, and your visa. Note that the visa has to be requested from the Ivorian diplomatic authorities in your home country.


Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory at least 10 days prior to the scheduled travel date. Your vaccination card will be requested by the Customs upon your arrival.

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