5 expat bloggers reveal their recipe for happiness

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Published on 2017-04-06 at 13:21 by Maria Iotova
Are you about to move abroad and make the tough decision to leave your many cookbooks behind? Never mind, because Expat.com — with this selection of five expat bloggers pouring love and care in their dishes — is bringing an infusion of faraway flavours into your kitchen. Join us for an international feast — a celebration of life in foreign lands!

Londoner in Sydney

Sydney organic food

Do you want to know what's cooking in Sydney? Annabel, a British expat in Australia, used her blog Londoner in Sydney to write about fashion, healthy living, expat life, and food of course. If you are wondering where to find the best vegan dishes in Sydney, or where to purchase organic fruit and veg, Annabel's blog is your one-stop guide to healthy but tasteful eating. Are you ready to take your love of food to Sydney?

Spanish Sabores

Spanish food

Yes, that's right; Spanish Sabores is a blog fully dedicated to Spanish flavours. If local food is a big part of your expat experience in Spain, then Lauren's blog will become your best partner in all your food indulgences. In Spanish Sabores you will find everything food related; from recipes and restaurant reviews to food tours in and beyond Spain. Add some rich pre-Roman Celtic and Iberian culture, and mix with Spain's natural wonders and here it is — the recipe to a happy expat life in Spain!

My Little Expat Kitchen

greek kitchen

Greek people revolve their social lives around the kitchen table — regular family dinners (extended family included) are the norm, and the food (simple yet unique) is served in abundance. So, when it comes to food, you can definitely trust someone Greek. Magdalini, a Greek expat in The Hague, has dedicated her blog My Little Expat Kitchen to great culinary expeditions. Maybe you still haven't secured your accommodation in Netherlands or signed your employment contract, but you will satisfy your appetite with Magdalini's flavourful invitations.

An American in Rome

An American in Rome food blogger

When in Rome, do as the Romans do (aka eat fresh food, drink exceptional wine, and look after your style). Natalie shares practical information on how to settle in the Eternal City and takes you into Rome's hidden corners in her blog An American in Rome. More improtantly, you will find answers as to where to treat yourself to a nice meal (or ice cream, wrap, pizza, coffee or dessert) in Rome. Rome is Natalie's favourite city, what about you?


If you are more of a visual eater, which means that you find the ambience more attractive than the tastes, then Hélène's food blog Tartelette is just for you. Hélène, a French expat in the USA, has translated her love for food and photography into a blog that perfectly combines both worlds. The world is full of opportunities, and the kitchen too!