France: Top city Lyon is an ideal destination for expats

Published 2019-11-27 07:02

Lyon is France’s oldest and second largest city, a leading silk producer in Europe and was also known for its printing presses and mercantilism. To this day, this French city is still a financial and business hub as recognized by Arthur Loyd Law Firm when it ranked it top most attractive city in France for the third year in a row. For expats searching for a place to settle, Lyon is an excellent option to work and reside.

In a study published by the Arthur Loyd Law Firm, Lyon is the number one city in a study of urban areas of more than 1 million inhabitants. Lyon has continued to outshine its counterparts when it comes to creation of jobs and lowering of its unemployment rate. Furthermore, since 2018, it has created over 20,700 net jobs and stood out for its performance in commercial real estate and its ability to host businesses. It has a thriving commercial real estate industry and impeccable business receptivity too. In today’s economy, Lyon has consistently proven that it can still remain solid when it comes to the wealth of its labor market for its attractiveness in cultural aspects and diversity of opportunities.

The positive development in Lyon for creating record high employment compared to recent years has attracted expats to the city. It is a business and financial hub, thereby making it an ideal location for companies to set up their offices. In fact, the city is home to international organizations like Interpol, Euronews, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Agency for Research on Cancer. The best way to find a job before moving to Lyon is to search online for vacancies and send as much applications as you can to local job openings. Availabilities are usually posted online and employers will soon catch your attention as long as you keep applying.

Over and above the work opportunities the city offers, Lyon is also a hub for culture and gastronomy. Lyon has more than 1000 restaurants and several ones with Michelin stars. People have to call in advance for a booking because tables are always full. The locals, called Lyonnais, are also very sociable and are well known as foodies, therefore if you are in the city pre book that restaurant table before you go out to dine. Pubs and cafes dot narrow winding streets and street performers, artists, craftsmen and sculptors often entertain diners.

Geographically, Lyon’s location is strategically located split in between the Rhone and the Saone rivers. It is the capital city of Rhone Alps region and UNESCO recognizes it as a World Heritage City in December 1998. At present, Lyon is known for having a fascinating mix of architecture, cultures and people. It is also known for its charming quaint districts in town and its small villages. If you are a lover of history, culture and architecture, Lyon will surely tickle your fancy.

Lyon is a perfect destination for expats who appreciate culture, gastronomy and value the balance of work and play. It is ideal for expats who want a taste of adventure but do not want to sacrifice career prospects. This new ranking is perfect evidence that Lyon can offer work and pleasure for expats who are curious to call the city home.