The UK and Japan top the charts for the best expat pay packages

Published 2019-05-27 13:06

The UK tops the list of countries offering the best pay packets for expatriates. But surprisingly, Japan made it all the way to number two. To calculate expat pay package, ECA takes into consideration salaries including benefits, allowances as well as tax regime in place in the country.

United Kingdom

The average pay of an expatriate in the United Kingdom (UK) is $421,798. This is not very surprising as this is the fifth year in a row the UK has been on top of this chart. To Bloomberg, Lee Quane, regional director of the consultancy firm ECA International has credited the UK’s first place to the housing crisis across the country.


Japan is the big surprise this year. Indeed, Japan is the single best paying country for expatriates according to the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey released last week. Mid-level employees in Japan can expect a salary averaging $386,451 a year. Lee Quane, regional director of ECA International explained that Japan had known a sharp increase in expat salaries in the year 2018-2019 because of the strong currency and rising accommodation prices.


China is moving down the ranking but nevertheless remains an attractive destination for expats- especially because of the high expat salaries. Shanghai is also one of the cities offering the highest pay packets to expats across the planet- indeed the average salary for an expat in Shanghai is way above $ 200,000.


$299,728. This is the average pay of a mid-level expatriate in India. The country comes in at number three on the list of countries offering the better packages to expats. In 2018, the HSBC Expat Explorer survey also found that Mumbai was the single highest paying city for expats in the world.


Expat salaries in France are the fifth highest in the world. Indeed, taking into consideration benefits and tax, expatriates in France could earn an average of $264,500.