Is it easy enough to get fresh organic produce in Kuwait?

Not easy but there are few  supermarkets which sell some organic foods. Such as SAVECO  , Approved market (Kuwait city)  and sultan center sharq sell few organic products.

Cheers mate whole food is difficult and the supply is unreliable and expensive. Be careful of American fruit and vegetable imports because 90% is GMO which for the most part is not permitted to be sold in Europe.

I was looking into this topic a little deeper as I am planning to move to Kuwait for a new job. I prefer quality food and knowing that is not easy to have in Middle Eastern Countires...:/// However I found one supermarket, hope it is still running
please take a look: … permarket/

That's great! Thanks for the link 👏🏻

The supermarket is still there however don't read too much into the name its just another store and nothing special.

As a Vegan I am constantly on the look out for whole organically grown certified food and whilst its possible its very random and believe me its really not easy. An organic sticker on anything fresh in Kuwait means it costs substantially more hence there is not a great demand and in the last 5 years I haven't found any supermarket with a consistent reliable source of organic food.

There is no shortage of fruits and vegetables just don't expect to find too much with an organic sticker.

yes its not difficult but its way too expensive .

let me know how is the shop after you have visited. thanks:)

it is normal in Middle East if you desire to eat quality...I used to going to Bahrain from Saudi just to buy organic chiken to make a broth! Were no any probiotics available or good vitamins had to go to Bahrain or Dubai...
I really hope that Kuwait is more developed and liveable place than Saudi Arabia...

I also spent a lot of time on the Saudi\Bahrain causeway to buy groceries that simply couldn't be bought in Saudi so I understand completely your concern. Kuwait is a small country and whilst there is an abundance of food its all imported and the shelves in virtually all of the supermarkets are full of processed foods with American manufacturers taking most of the shelf space so if you want cheese in a can you'll find plenty of options. . fruit and vegetables are imported from neighboring countries, Europe and America in fact all over the world however Fresh whole organic food is terrible expensive and recently I saw sweet potato's individually wrapped costing $3.00 each...

Now everything is available in Kuwait and people in Kuwait recently start checking what they eat , they become more concern about the food quality so that many stores which sell organic foods opened in Kuwait.

Also there fresh meet and chicken available in Kuwait. You can make nice broth !

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