I need to know which clinic to go for BLOOD GROUP COLLECTION here in Kuwait, as they need it for my CIVIL ID. It's really Confusing, because our mandoob said we just have to go to any government clinic, so we go to Adeya Clinic (not sure about the correct spelling tho) but when we arrive in the clinic the nurse staff said we have to Shuwaikh clinic? Which clinic would it be, what is the new procedure now? does anyone knows? Please help!

It depends on the governorate you live in. If they said Shuwaikh, it might be here:

As stated earlier, you can go to the clinic in the governate you live in. You'll need the civil id application form to explain to the clinic that this is for civil id application. Could be a bit troublesome navigating around government clinic, but you can ask for help from staffs in clinic. Good luck!

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