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Hello All,
Anyone had experienced Ivf treatment here in kuwait? I would appreciate if someone can update me about prices and is it worth doing it here in kuwait

Hi Samra,

First let me say we feel your struggles and understand the hardship you are going through.   My wife and I tried for 12 years with no luck.   The past 8 years we have been in Kuwait and have pretty much exhausted the IVF scene here.  Weve been to most of the doctors and have tried treatments and numerous clinics.  If you would like more info it,  please call message us.   


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Hi Lesml11,

I'm really sorry to hear about your struggle, but don't give up yet please, did u try to do iVF treatment in Europe somewhere?  I did check the price in Salam hospital and it's quiet costly and I've also heard doctors are not good here for this kind of treatment, so i wanted to confirm my doubts.

Thank you,  we had success and now a little one.  After trying multiple hospitals,  New Mowasat,  Al Seef,  International Clinic,  and Alorf,  we opted to go with a renowned doctor in Victoria,  Canada.   We had immediate success and so did a friend we recommended right after.

Hi Samra,

Please stay strong and remember you are always more likely to conceive when you are not stressed. We had gone through 7 failed IUI in Kuwait and 4 failed IVFs  in India.

I read about Dr. Nahed Hammediah at New Mowasat hospital in Salmiya and he helped us succeed at his first attempt, which was our 5th IVF attempt. I would highly recommend him because he is a perfectionist and does his work very precisely.

If you have any further questions, do not feel hesitant to ask us.


Hi Samra! We tried in London Hospital and it was the worst experience ever. Now looking for a doctor and a hospital to make another trial...

HI dear! I don't know the new doctor, I did it with doctor Mona who was working with dr. Patrick  for years... Probably she was replaced?....

Hi anybody can tell me which doctor I will go for my second ivf.
I just do it in London hospital with dr mona this month September 23 it's a bad news that I have a failure embryo transfer.
Please any one can help me.


Hi Elena,
I would like to ask you about your experience in london hospital for ivf.

Hi ! The experience is negative, doctors didn’t explain anything, clinic is old style, director is a thief who is making money laundry there

Hi elena, is Dr.Mona good with the patient? I went there once, and we are still deciding if we are going to continue with her.

Hi dear! No, I wouldn't advise her. She doesn't talk, doesn't explain anything. She is difficult to have deal with.

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