Best hospital to deliver a baby

I would like to ask recommendation of a very good obstetrician and hospital to deliver a baby.
I'm looking for a doctor experienced and natural child birth friendly and a breastfeeding friendly hospital. I heard a lot of cases of hospital that take the baby away from the mom after delivery for 2 hours and during that time, they give formula milk to the baby without the mom permission...I want to stay away from this one :)
Thanks in advance!

I had my girl in the Sabah Maternity Hospital, cheap but perfect. Lovely staff and helpful too. Everyone's experiences can be different. Best of luck

I would recommend Maternity Hospital in Sabah area as well, They are very experienced. All private hospitals sends their patients to Maternity Hospital when something goes wrong. Simply its much more advanced in equipment and experienced doctors. But if your looking for Luxury and Hotel like rooms and service I would recommend Royal hayat Hospital in Jabriya but its does not come cheap, for a natural child birth I would cost around 1200 KWD in total. Good Luck

Hey Macy, how did you get into Sabah? As they only let the referred patients go there?

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