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Iam from kerala. My husband went to kuwait 2 3 months back . He went through tough medicals from khadamat. He had sgpt sgot count.. then he had problem with eye.. by gods grace he went . And now he is planning to take me through family visa. I am really tensed...iam scared abt xrays...many people scare me regarding xrays.. blood we can control...but xray  . Did anyone get unfit from gamca. What all test are done for family visa? I really want to stay with him. If they say any objection and we say we already done before other labs will they accept ? Do give me a solution.
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Sad that no one is there to help

For the list of the tests or GAMCA guidelines which apply to all GCC countries, see this link: … ov2016.pdf

And unfortunately, if you are marked UNFIT, you will NOT get a visa.  No matter what other labs you have done whatever from.

I am not sure what you are expecting when you say solution.  But please wait a day or two when creating a post for enough people to see it for replies to be given.

Iam sorry xtang. I dont know the process of expats sites . So before applying for visa i should have to do a pre medical...?? For my husband after getting visa he did his medical in khadamt thats y i asked.

Your husband's employers need to advise you.  In some countries, every person including family has to go through GAMCA whereas in others like Bahrain, they don't.

Thank u sir for your valuable information. Iam only tensed abt xray.

Don't worry.  X-ray is only an issue if you have had TB in the past and have clear scars on the lungs.  Scars don't appear that easily - I have smoked heavily for over 20 years and alternated between cigarettes, shisha and vapes.  I have also had pneumonia when I was in Dubai. To date, I don't have any scars!

Go get yourself checked from a private clinic if you are worried.

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