Spanish boy looking for job!

I am Guido, I'm from Spain, I am looking for job in Da Nang.
I have good English level.
Experience working in restaurants, hotels, teacher for kids, and also in gym as personal trainer.
I am open to work in anything, just contact me for more info! :)

Have a nice day!

Hi Guidow19,

To begin with, i suggest you read the articles under the Visas for in Vietnam and the Working in Da Nang sections of the Expat Guide.

Following that, you may add your own "looking for' job advert in the Jobs in Da Nang section of the website so that to get some offers.

All the best,

hi Guidow19,
The salary here very low, so it quite hard for them to accept you but just try.
go to this few website, good luck.

Really thanks, I appreciate it! :)

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