Teaching ESL in Da Nang

Hello all. I will be moving to Da Nang in December. Can anyone recommend a good English school to teach English at in Da Nang or Hoi An? Also, any pitfalls of teaching English or things I should be aware of? I will have my TESL certificate when I leave for Viet Nam and have 8yrs experience teaching in American High Schools.

I don't live there, so I can't reccomend anything specifically. Your best bet is to just arrive and hit the streets with your CV in hand.

Competition can be tight for jobs in those cities because they're very desirable for foreigners. That's probably why nobody has responded to your post.

Also, your timing isn't the best. You're coming right before Tết, and at that time enrollment rates are low for language centers. The best time for the hiring season is from March to May/June. So make sure to come with enough of a cash cushion incase you don't find anything until after Tết.

Best of luck.

Hi, Randy,

Like the first poster said, jobs in Da Nang are much more difficult to come by than in Hanoi and HCMC. Da Nang is an awesome city, so many expats would prefer to work there. The chains, Apollo and ILA, tend to transfer in their staff from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

From what I have heard, the jobs that do exist are also of the 'an hour here, two hours there' nature that will require you to commute to different parts of the city all day, just for a few hours of teaching. In addition, the pay tends to be lower than what you could get in the cities (12 dollars an hour, last I heard).

I am not trying to be a downer, I just want to give you reasonable expectations of the job market...I am a pessimist by nature, so I just love to think/say the worst, and be pleasantly surprised later. Some job strategies might be:

--contact Compass education, I know that they are active in Da Nang. They are a placement agencies, and have a reputation for being more professional than most. They might have a placement for you in the upcoming school year.

--Fischer's Superkids is a Da Nang training school that is supposed to be more reputable than the rest.

--find online work to supplement your income.

--be prepared to come in, cv in hand, and pound doors.

Thank you both for your insights. I will probably come to Da Nang and volunteer at an orphanage or church mission, then start teaching after Tet. I appreciate all of your insights.

Hello, do you want to be a private tutor for me? I am very happy to read your post. :)

I would be happy to private tutor you!  I will be in da nang in december

yeah, so would you mind contacting me through facebook?

Reorandy :

I would be happy to private tutor you!  I will be in da nang in december

Before agreeing to tutor someone you really should PM them to find out what they want and what they can pay, "free"is a very common payment system here in VN?

I agree with you that " before becoming a private tutor for someone, you must contact to him/her". But about payment method, a private tutor should be paid reasonable.
Thank you ^^

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