Lifestyle Happenings in Mauritius

Hello Everyone!

I'm Tasha, a newbie to  :cheers:  I am a Brand Marketer and also a blogger. I love to share my island experiences - restaurants, best spot for sundowners, special offers for resorts and great places where you can have a Sunday Brunch!

If you wish to be updated about those lifestyle happenings in Mauritius, feel free to subscribe to this forum! I will also share a link to my blog where you can have a full overview of my experience.

Hope to chat with you all soon  :cool:



Hi Tasha,

could you please post your events ... in the events section only ? We're very happy to promote any event for free in this section



Sure :)

Hey Tasha,

That ' s a really great idea and thanks for your help :)

Have you thought of developing an application for it where people can get instant updates to your events ( photos, videos, lives, etc )

Regards :)

Hello Newbey  :)

Thank you for your interest! I've actually started a blog last year - a visual diary of my island adventures! I will try to post them and share with the lovely expat community :)

You can have a look:

Hello Tasha

Feel free to add your Blog here


Hello Kenjee

Thank you but I've already sent a request for my blog. It was declined as I'm not an expat :(

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