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Hello! I'm Maria, and I have been in Mauritius since December. Now that life seems more settled, I would like to start a hobby -- learning the piano that is. I have a Yamaha keyboard at home, and I'm practicing with the little knowledge I have from my childhood. Is there any teacher out there, who is willing to teach an adult? I live in Trou aux Biches, but I'm okay coming to you, if not very far away.

Hello Maria! Congrats on your first post on the forum of :top:

I invite you to check out this advert from our Classifieds : Piano Courses

You may as well drop an advert of your search in that section.


Hi there,
I'm a female piano teacher and composer and like working with both children and adults. I was trained in Britain at the Royal Schools of Music, but enjoy teaching people of all levels and ages.  I live a little far from you - in Forest Side, but with the new Verdun-Terre Rouge road that has opened up, things are a little easier traffic-wise.  I have a few slots free at the moment, so if you haven't found a piano teacher, and are still keen, please feel free to email me.

Hi Malikadevi,

Can I have your contact?
Am also looking for a piano teacher for my son of 5 years old.

Hi there. I'm fully booked for this year, but could maybe advise you. My number is *. Cheers.

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I am looking for a piano teacher in Currie  for my daughter who is 10 years old ....

Hello Malikadevi,

i am currently for a piano teacher,i have a yamaha keyboard and know some of the basics,
i would like to learn other styles such as blues and jazz...
thanks to revert to me with a positive answer


Hello i am also looking for a piano teacher. Would you have any free slots please?

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Wow grade 5?! Am not even half a grade 1.

Would you still consider?

I've always wanted to learn piano, if you find a good teacher please let me know as well.


I'm looking for a tutor for children. If you manage to find one for yourself that also does lessons for kids, perhaps you could let me know?

Thank you

Will do. Please drop me your contact details in pm.

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