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Karolien - There's life after kids - Living on a rock

Prepping for life after kids. One down, one to go. :) Currently doing the expat thing in Mauritius with hubby. Blogging and taking photos to pass the time. Enjoying living life and creating memories.

A blog with motivational posts teaching you to love the life you live. Help with decision-making, relationships and parenting.

Wandering Expat Family

Serial expat... this blogs follows us around in Mauritius and other travels!

Mauritian Memoirs

The Mauritian Life of a British Girl

Mauritius Conscious

A Mexican in Mauritius discovering the island the authentic and sustainable way. Follow my trip around natural gems, street-food and local arts and crafts.


Lifestyle blog about Interiors, Kids, Travel, Food etc and my experiences of living in Mauritius.

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Mini Mauritius

Mauritius with little ones Information about #islandlife for families

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Mauritius Dream

A genuine sneak peek of the most beautiful things Mauritius island has to offer.

Man in Mauritius

What I have seen, explored and enjoyed since I have moved to live and work in Mauritius.

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Rodrigues via Mauritius

This blog is meant for everyone interested in Rodigues although it is not necessarily only about Rodrigues, sometimes it is just about us living there or about topics I am interested in, unfortunately often enough with some delay. Every day life scenes, wildlife, photography, reports from visitors....whatever. The blog is kept mainly in German with English (sometimes also French) translation: German because we wanted to make German speaking folks aware of this remote island of which noone had ever heard before in Berlin when we were leaving to live here which was nearly 18 year ago, English because we wanted the local people to be able to understand as well, and all the others who just happen to speak English, including Rodriguans abroad or the circumnavigators on their way to Rodrigues.... French from time to time when it's about a topic matching a visitor or local or the other way round... By the way, it is not an ad blog, so you will search in vain for hotel prices and other deals.

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Mauritius and me

Idées et adresses pour découvrir l'ile Maurice !

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Island life

Observations and a lot of pictures from my new life in Mauritius

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1.5 years exploring Asia and the return to Delicious Mauritius

I quit my job to satisfy my curiosity of exploring the world and to learn more about the NGO community in Cambodia. 2013 was the best year of my life and I have learned a lot of lessons since then.

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My Mauritian Garden

Creating a garden from scratch, the trials and tribulations of house renovations, life as an expat - both good and bad, and people we've met. And all, hopefully, done in a humourous manner.

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Bite Sized Life Blog

Day-to-day, I'll add an anecdote or two. Each anecdote will be 'bite-sized' - ie quick to read, easy to digest. Nothing too taxing or time-consuming. Hence Bite-Sized Over time, these tidbits should come together and should 'tell a story'. There will be no rhyme, nor reason to the chronology of the updates.... but little by little it will grow to tell the story of my life. My Life Story. More Or Less. Hence Lifeblog.

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Mauritius or Bust

A blog about the initial processes of moving to Mauritius from Ireland (and the UK) and about life, living and working in Mauritius more than 4 years later. Detailing life's ups and downs as an Epileptic struggling to control the illness in a far away country, a very different climate and a long way away from culture, family and friends at home.

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The Mauritian Expedition

Mauritian adventures that we've had and the ones to come.

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Gustine's blogs

My blogs that I have written as pastime in between house-chores activities.

Expat of the month:Campaigning for the rights of expat children in the Netherlands

Campaigning for the rights of expat children in the Netherlands

Originally from Ecuador, Andrea is a mom and lawyer who has been living in the Netherlands for nine years now. After the country introduced a travel ban for family members from outside the European Union, she started a campaign for helping expat children in the Netherlands reunite with their parents and grandparents. But in May 2021, the government finally lifted this entry ban under certain conditions. Andrea talks to about the impact of this campaign and expat children's rights in the Netherlands.