Hello guys

i have been here for like a year now and i dont think i have ever seen any jet skiing activities, i am only seeing other water sports but jet skiing, if any one has an idea on were i can find this activity please pm me or link me up.....



Hi Abby,

jetskis are not allowed in Mauritius, you won't find any on the island ..

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hey julien
thank you for the reply i was busy searching on all watersport sites, am so sad though that they are not allowed.

thanx again


A friend of mine explained that the reason jet skis are banned is because they damage the corals in the coral reefs.

I commend the island authorities for doing this, especially to preserve the beautiful corals you can see if you go snorkeling/deep-sea-diving (maybe something else to consider for fun? )

but i still think they should have selected specific spots thats do not have corals and we can enjoy the sport coz as an island that thrives on tourism jet skiing shouldnt be excluded from the equation...

It was banned fairly recently for the reasons stated above by NomadHouse and rightly so.

agree with's a pity

it does seem strange that they are allowing kite surfing where people have boards with fins and constantly are often falling into the water. Surely that is doing damage to the coral areas around places like le morne where the water is shallow , but i guess the you can get more money from kite surfing than trying to hire out and run jet skis.  I am not sure if it is still running but I heard they had problems and had new regulations thrust upon them probably for similar reasons is the nearest thing top a jet ski was the Black River company that had fast inflatables and pardon me to mention there names without advertising them they were called SEA-KART

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