Online Gaming 2016 - Can we play LOL in Mauritius?

Hi all !

I am moving to Mauritius in june, Tdcostas, you may have moved in Mauritius now, so you may help me.
I am an historical player of LOL, can someone tell me if it's playable in Mauritius ? We will probably settle in Flic en Flac.

Thanks for your answers!

Hello Yiauthli !

I had indeed the opportunity to test several online games while here in Mauritius.
As for DOTA2, playing in SE ASIA servers, ping was about 80~90 ms
For CS about 100~140 ms
For Overwtach (beta Test), Diablo2 ping was about 140ms

It's quite playable...

All that with a 4MBps connection. I don't think you will notice a big difference with a better fiber one.

As for LOL, a friend tried to play with E.U server... but no luck.. unplayable. I can't tell for Asia server( in case you have access).

Enjoy the the sun and the sea  :cool:

Well, I already have an account on EU West an North America, I guess I can create one on the Asian Server... Thanks for your fast answer!

Hello Yiauthli :cheers:

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Hi there Tdcostas and Yiauthli.

I am moving to Mauritius and am quite curious to the results you have come across with regards to gaming. I am primarily a fan of dota and csgo and am curious about what route and isp you guys chose and the results.
Tdcostas I know you posted your results already however was curious what isp you went through.

Thanks in advance!

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