Are there spiders in Edinburgh or Glasgow?

My name is Giulia,I came in UK to find a nurse job.I now live in south Greater London,the nursing homes I visited have a lot of spiders.I suffer from arachnophobia,never seen spiders that big and so many as in this area.I consider moving since I am unable to work surrounded by spiders.Will you please help me understand if Edinburgh city or Glasgow city are in the same condition?Is any better in the public hospitals ?Thank you so much for your answers.

Pretty much everywhere in the UK has spiders; if you're determined to stay here, then it's probably better if you get treatment for your arachnophobia.  If you want somewhere spider free, try the Arctic/Antarctic regions; alternatively, do what my wife did, find a partner who isn't afraid of spiders. :)

I was hopping for a different answer .....

In the city of Cagliari (Italy) I only encountered little ones only now and then.I am alright with that but not with the 2/3 inches ones.I was hopping that in a big city in a colder area it's free of big spiders.I also visited other country like Austria,Turkey,Greece where you don't find spiders and spider web hanging everywhere.

Like most humans, spiders like dry, warm environments; so it's not surprising to find them in your house; it's almost the best place for them as their natural predator (wild birds), don't normally come into such places.

Google tells me that the spiders you find in your house don't like Citronella or Citriodiol; I'm not recommending them though, my experience is that picking them up and taking them back outside is just as effective.

Just a thought, my daughters dog squashes them with her paws - try getting a dog. :)

Thanks for your answer,I don't think my dog would be allowed at work though :)

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