Locating to Mauritius

I am a South African, a professional teacher, I would like the procedures of locating, and also need a job.
I am single with no dependant.
How best to use the agency

Hi Lindiwe Nxumalo,

Welcome on board  :)

You will find all the necessary information here :

A little hint here : … 95#3291407

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Hi Bhavna,

I tried to follow you link "referring to a hint" about starting a business in Mauritius which could potetially enable someone to live in Mauritius.

However I didnt quite find any information surrounding it.

Please can you elaborate?


Hi Wayne,

the member indicated a recruitment agency " Capfor have a recruitment section and also offer international relocation services including Occupation Permit application processing"

They are an HR consulting companies who advertise jobs/vacancies for their clients. If you meet the requirements (expat contrat) maybe you could get a job from them and they will take care of the formalities.

Here for instance :

It is not about starting a business in Mauritius but rather a recruitment agency for someone looking for a job.

As far as starting a business is concerned, this article might help you : How to set up a business in Mauritius as well as the first link "invest Mauritius" in post #2.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna.

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