Expat Salaries

Can the local Mauritius companies offer similar salaries as the South African companies.The Mau salary guide says It manager earn 60 000 Mau. In SA you can earn 180 000 Mau and living costs are lower.

The Maur. companies could offer any salary above the salary guide. However, salaries as with a number of expenses incurred by companies are subject to supply and demand. If there are IT Mngmnt skills available in Mauritius at R's 60K then the companies would surely hire those people.

It will depend on the industry sector, management level and experience, but 180,000 MUR per month as a basic salary is very high.  Many local managers earn 50,000 - 70,000 MUR per month.  Senior managers in larger companies will earn more 90,000++ MUR.

Do remember that you also need to check what is in the total package (e.g. car allowance, company bonus, meal allowance, etc.) and that you will receive a 13th month payment in December (pro rata if someone starts part-way through the year.

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